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Let’s take a look at some Safety Tips: 

  1. Candles: Ahhhh the ambiance, but make sure you place these in an area away from potential fire danger and that they are in or on something that won’t burn, such as glass or metal. *Try battery operated candles, they can be fun to operate and still have the Ahhhh factor.
  2. Christmas Lights (indoors and out): Inspect all wiring for any type of damage before you hang and even periodically after they are up. Pets and rodents have a tendency to play with or treat cords as a snack.
  3. Don’t hang lights on a dry tree: Use LED lights, as these produce almost no heat and are by far the most energy efficient!
  4. Make sure your outdoor lights are plugged into GFCI outlets! Water and debris can get into outdoor sockets and GFCI outlets are designed to keep you and your home safe.
  5. Extension cords have an array of their own issues: Always do the touch test and unplug if it’s hot! Make sure you protect the connection points to keep water and debris out of the plugs, try elevating them out of the reach of snow and water. Make sure they are taped down and/or out of the way of being a tripping hazard.
  6. Be careful of how you hang your lights: Don’t staple, nail, screw or tack into place. The potential for leaving your mark in a cord can be electrifying. Try hanging on insulated hooks or clips.
  7. Put all lights on a Timer: This way you leave your environmental footprint in good standing and you don’t need to take out a loan to pay for your festive lighting either.
  8. Check: That you are using lights and cords made for where they were designed (outdoor stay outdoor, inside stay inside). That you have a proper way of storing everything, so those rodents don’t use them as nesting material or as a snack.
  9. Safety first: Don’t do it alone! Make sure there is always someone checking on you or better yet they are helping you. Too many people end up spending their holiday time in bed, on the couch or worse yet…in the hospital.

*If you need assistance hanging your lights, or are unsure of anything above give Teckra a call so we can help to make this a Christmas of happy memories.