Thank You from Teckra

2019 is well underway with Teckra seeing continuous growth in all departments. So, it is only fitting for all of us at Teckra to give a big THANK YOU to all of you who have continued to support us in making 2018 such a successful year! What we’ve been up to… Growth is important to […]


Let’s take a look at some Safety Tips:  Candles: Ahhhh the ambiance, but make sure you place these in an area away from potential fire danger and that they are in or on something that won’t burn, such as glass or metal. *Try battery operated candles, they can be fun to operate and still have the Ahhhh factor. Christmas […]

Outdoor Lighting

Spring has sprung and now it’s time to light up your outdoors. Nature and your green thumb will make the flowers bloom, Teckra will make your outside shine! Call Teckra now at 403 903-4941 and have us install your outdoor LED lighting today!

Had it? Let us fix it!

I HATE (Ok, ok, according to my kids I’m not supposed to use that word), but I HATE trying to find a USB adapter for my devices so I can charge them!  I HATE vying for plugin position!  I HATE that short cord that hangs my phone.  I HATE taking up the whole outlet with […]


WHY TECKRA? At Teckra our most valuable resource is our people. We believe our core values of Customer Satisfaction, Integrity and innovations set us apart from our competitors. Our focus on developing and maintaining customer satisfaction coupled with our commitment to our staff has created a company culture focused on providing high quality services to […]