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D/C Power

Our team of highly skilled and experienced D/C power technicians understand the importance of integrated power solutions for every communication facility. Teckra has the knowledge and the expertise to keep these systems running efficiently and effectively.

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  • State of the Art Plants, Emerson, Alpha, Eltek.

  • Legacy Plants Lorraine, Nortel, Marconi, Lucent, Statcon.

  •  Full installation, turn up/commissioning and alarming.

  • Expansion of DC Power Plants

  • Distribution bays, BDFB’s, inverters, rectifiers, breaker  panels and fuse panel installations.

  • Bus Bar installation

  • Wet cell and VRLA Battery decom, installation and        testing.

  • MOP’s (Method of Procedures) for physical builds,    expansion and Hot Cuts.

  • DC Power Preventive Maintenance, trouble shooting.

  • Hot cuts form Breaker additions to 10,000 Amp cut-overband Integration.

  • Shunt calibrations, Shunt Mux installation.

  • Primary, secondary and tertiary power.

  • Grounding solutions, including P.A.N.I Theory, Ground   ring and single point grounding.

  • Cable, breaker, distribution sizing, redundancy and      calculating for Industry standards

  • Full equipment installation, turn up/commissioning and alarming

  • Distribution bays, Battery Distribution Fuse Bays, inverters, rectifiers, breaker panel installations

  • Bus Bar installation/Expansions

  • Battery Installations and testing

  • Power maintenance, trouble shooting

  • Power Calibrations

  • Grounding solutions

  • Cable, breaker, distribution sizing, redundancy and calculating for Industry standards

  • Plant upgrades and Installation

For every DC Power project, Teckra has the expertise and proper tools to complete every diverse install from large to small.

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